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Inmate (I/M) Barry Massey and his co-defendant, Michael Harris are currently serving sentences of Life Without the Possibility of Parole for the 1987 execution style murder of Paul Wang, owner of the Steilacoom Marina.  At the time, Massey was 13 years old and the youngest person in the United States to be tried and convicted as an adult for Aggravated First Degree Murder.

I/M Massey is scheduled for a clemency hearing in front of the Washington State Clemency and Pardons Board on December 16, 2010.  As you can imagine, he has an entire team of lawyers and numerous civil rights organizations coming out of the woodwork to 'Free Barry Massey', with only a cursory nod to the victim's family and rarely a mention to the brutality of the crime.

We encourage you to visit their website  and form your own opinion.  We will try to concisely explain the key points, without too much extraneous detail.  We want educate you with the facts, without taking up too much of your time.

They claim over and over again that there are extraordinary facts and  circumstances to this case that warrant his release from prison.  In particular, at the bottom of their home page, you will see 'Our Mission', in which you will find a 37pg letter written by  attorney Richard Mitchell.  (It should be noted that Mr. Mitchell was Gov. Gregoire's Chief Legal Counsel  until November 2008 and was present at I/M Massey's first clemency hearing.  Now he is in the private sector, and obviously one of Massey's biggest fans.)  Throughout his letter, Mitchell touts the 'facts' of this case which are usually nothing more than Barry Massey's version of events retold first through psychologist Dr. Norma Tropp, then regurgitated and presented as 'facts'.  We find it arrogant and insulting that the criminal's version should now taken as 'truth' because it is repeated by high-priced lawyers.

His lawyers tell us that this his first and only conviction.  This is true, but on December 20, 1986, Massey and Harris broke into the home of Ms. Martha Davis, hit her in the face, knocked her unconscious and robbed her.  (First Degree Armed Robbery).  He was never tried for that crime because after he murdered Paul Wang, the court didn't see the point.  Are there others that we will never know about?

Page 6 of Mitchell's letter states that Harris 'convinced' Massey to go to Ms. Davis's house.  There is no proof of this – it could have been Massey's idea.  Mitchell goes on to say that when they 'surprised' Ms. Davis, they knocked her down trying to get out of the house.  The police report clearly states that they hit her in the face (possible breaking her nose).  Mr. Mitchell is down playing the facts.

The entire claim that Massey was afraid of Harris – there is no proof of that other than that is what he told Dr. Tropp,  is now presented as 'fact'.  Harris had some history of being a bully, but there is no evidence of his bullying Massey.  In fact, Judge Donald Thompson who presided over both Massey and Harris's murder trials, stated “It is my opinion that Barry Massey is was the more dangerous of the two.”

The entire section The Murder of Paul Wang  (pg 9) is not much more than Massey's version of events as told to Dr. Tropp, now presented as 'fact'.

Dr. Tropp says that Massey's confession to Det. Hall was false.  She claims that he lacked the intelligence to plan and carry out the crime that he  admitted to.  In other words, he did not have the mental ability to say “Hey, let's go in there and rob and kill the dude”, but he did possess the mental ability to make up an elaborate confession, with details, the lasted 27 min, at the spur of the moment. His confession changed very little until he talked to his mother.

He claims that Det. Hall stopped and rewound the tape many times – there is no physical proof of this, simply Massey's word, now presented as 'fact'. 

Mitchell then states that Massey's fingerprints were not found on the gun or knife. That is true.  What he doesn't tell you is that Harris's weren't either – they were both wearing gloves. 

Mitchell states (pg 14) “Forensic evidence in the case suggests that Michael Harris is the perpetrator of the crime.”  Not true – a spot of blood was found on Harris, but the medical examiner clearly stated that he only had to be in close proximity to Mr. Wang - not that he was more likely the killer.

They claim that Massey did not know the consequences of his 'false' confession. Massey clearly asked Det. Hall at least twice “I'm going to jail for life, aren't I?”

Pg. 20  Prior to the (juvenile court) declination hearing “Dr. Tropp  opined that Barry should not be declined because, among other reasons, he did not pose a threat of violence to society.”  Is she kidding?!

There is much, much more, but we are trying very hard to keep this short.  Ultimately, the jury and the subsequent appellate courts didn't believe either Massey or Dr. Tropp.  They found sufficient evidence to find Barry Massey GUILTY (beyond a reasonable doubt) of Aggravated First Degree Murder.  That HAD to be a very difficult and gut wrenching decision for those 12 men and women – yet they did it anyway.  They had very good reasons.

It doesn't matter how many times these stories are repeated by I/M Massey, Mr. Mitchell and I/M Massey's other lawyers, IT DOESN'T MAKE THEM TRUE.

Take whatever time you can spare to learn about this horrific crime and why they want to release this killer.  If we  convince you, please sign our petition before you go and send it on to others - there is very little time.  A simple name on the petition is enough, and you don't have to be a resident of Washington State.  Thank you for being here.

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A ruthless killer sentenced to life sentence without parole wants to get out while his victims still suffer. Are you going to help him?

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